Do you Dream of a world class education ?

Aatithayam institute of hotel management has been founded on the principal of dedication, hard work perseverance and desire to succeed. The institute has its own spacious and fully equipped building in the heart of surkhet which is easily accessible from all parts of the city.

the institute has a welcoming environment and  highly professional way of training students who aspire to be hospitality professional. the institute is a follower of practical oriented studies and that is why our students have hands -on experience to work in any hospitality organization.

DO you dream of a world class education with a chance to excel in you passion and hobbies?

then your stay at Aatithayam institute will offer you best of both with you regular studies and practical. you will also be encouraged to try your hand at your hidden talents a students of Aatithayam institute cherishes every hour spent here interacting with like minded future hospitality  professionals and gets tremendous exposure in the field of tourism hotels and hospitality.